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Every Madison area small business has one common goal: growth. Successful growth could be in the form of opening a new store on trendy east side Willy Street. Or maybe it allows you to bring in a new product that you know badger natives would rave for. Either way, to achieve this goal, businesses should use the most ideal approach in promoting their products or services in a way that targets customers. Digital marketing is that ideal approach. It provides numerous opportunities to expand and grow your Madison business and can be flexible around small or large budgets alike.

The problem is that although many local businesses understand what digital marketing is, many fall short of utilizing its components to their fullest extent in order to influence consumers and create that growth. Let’s take a deeper dive into how digital marketing really impacts consumers in the Madison area and ways you should use digital marketing to grow your own small business here. 

What is Consumer Behavior in Marketing?

Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the processes in which they choose to buy and consume products and services. By gaining a more in-depth understanding of what drives consumer behavior, businesses can create unique digital marketing strategies that target a specified consumer audience in order to drive sales. Luckily for you, Flamingo Theory is the perfect partner for a task like that!

How Consumers are Being Impacted by Today’s Digital Marketing

Today, consumers are bombarded with tons of company offers on social media and the web. If you want to influence the Madison locals to buy your product or service specifically, you can look to us to implement various digital marketing tactics to make you soar above the competition. 

To create a level of brand awareness, we might work with you to introduce paid advertising or geofencing to get your name out to your clients. To create brand recognition, we may follow up with email marketing, text message marketing, or introduce over-the-top (OTT) advertising. It’s one thing for a consumer to see an advertisement for your brand, but it’s another thing for consumers to remember your brand afterwards! Repetition helps with that. Finally, at point-of-sale, to create brand loyalty we may work with you to have a sleek website design and a personalized shopping experience or promote certain offers. Overall, the more exposure and repetition we can help you put forth to consumers, the more likely that consumer is to take action and buy the product or service. It’s easy to see that in order to have successful digital marketing, and growth, your Madison small business may need to use a multitude of marketing tactics to home in on your target customers.

Here’s a more in-depth look at marketing tactics your business can stand to gain from:

Paid Ads (Google/Facebook/Instagram)

Ad placement is a powerful tool that will put your business at the forefront of your customer’s attention. Depending on your target clientele, placing high-quality ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, or Instagram can help increase business and drive up your profit margin. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you keep your customers informed about your brand and alerts them to opportunities like sales and deals. When done correctly, it increases engagement and creates excitement among your customers about what your business can do for them.

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is an incredibly effective tool. Not only can you use it to increase brand recognition, but you can also use it to analyze consumer behavior. For example, if you send a text to your customers about a sale and receive incredible engagement, it indicates that they responded well to one or more of your marketing aspects. It may be the wording, type of sale, or even time of day. Plus, the more you use this form of digital marketing, the more you’ll begin to understand your consumer and can customize it to fit their needs and preferences.

Customizable Shopping Experience

Consumer behavior enables businesses to provide customers with a more personalized shopping experience. Many top companies have spent millions on research, determining that consumers don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort searching for new products, preferring instant results instead. By creating a shopping experience that is tailored to your local Madison customer base, you significantly increase consumer purchases, driving up your growth and profit.

Don’t Forget about These Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics as Well!

Word-of-mouth has increasingly seen a presence online via social media, influencers, and reviews. The fact is that consumers often make their decisions based on other people’s opinions and reviews of products. 

It’s important to have a strong social media presence to curate awareness and a following for your business. Influencers can help promote your product or service to a fan base they’ve already established. Furthermore, reviews and positive review management will make prospective consumers more willing to act. Overall, if your business has a positive digital word-of-mouth, you’ve won half the battle already! Let’s discuss these three powerful word-of-mouth tools you can use to help your business thrive:

Social Media 

Currently, over 59% of people worldwide use social media, making it one of the most influential industries on the planet. Social media sees users of all demographics such as age, gender, income, etc. It’s safe to say that you won’t have an issue finding consumers of your target market on social media. At Flamingo Theory, we like to use the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn among others!

Social media actually presents businesses with a unique opportunity for outreach, allowing them to impact more people with less effort. If you can get people to talk about your business on media platforms, it will grow! 


The name says it all; influencers literally influence others for a living. By utilizing the popularity of like-minded social media influencers, you can tap into an already established fan base that is eager to purchase the products their role models promote. 


Consumer behavior shows a direct link between customer reviews and the likelihood of purchase. More positive reviews increase the chance of purchasing, whereas negative reviews decrease it. In fact, reviews are one of the most influential factors for determining consumer behavior! At Flamingo Theory, we are determined to not only curate customer reviews, but also produce review management so your small business has continued success.  

Making the Most Out of Digital Marketing

Understanding how digital marketing influences consumer behavior can help you increase sales and connect with your customers on a deeper, more meaningful level. Although there is a lot of competition in the Madison area, through the use of effective marketing campaigns and analysis of consumer behavior, we can help you ensure that your small business thrives! 

To make the most of your digital marketing, turn to Flamingo Theory. Flamingo Theory specializes in full-service digital marketing, including:

  • Smart strategy development
  • Website building
  • Online advertising
  • Social media management
  • Email/text message marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Much more! 

If you’re ready to bring your Madison business to the next level and capitalize on the amazing opportunities digital marketing provides, you need the guidance of a top-notch digital marketing company who knows the local cheesy environment. Flamingo Theory knows what it takes to make your business stand unique and build the customer base you’ve always wanted. So, what are you waiting for? Let Flamingo Theory turn your business dreams into reality today!

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