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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Madison Businesses to Follow

When it comes to handling a business social media account, you may find yourself wondering where you should even start. Strategies employed by large brands may not be suitable for small businesses, and not everyone has limitless marketing resources to allocate to social media. If you’re seeking guidance, rest assured, we at Flamingo Theory Digital Marketing in Madison are here to help with our list of social media marketing tips for small businesses managing social media accounts.

  1. Prioritize Visuals 

We’re passionate about words, yet it’s undeniable: captivating visuals are the real magnets for social media users. This holds especially true on Instagram, the pioneer of photo-centric platforms, but image posts on Facebook or LinkedIn also boast higher engagement rates than plain text. To optimize your social media outreach, combine attention-grabbing visuals with concise, engaging copy. Some effective examples include creating informative infographics by using large text on a minimalist background to emphasize words.

  1. Post Quality Content 

The urge to constantly post, reshare, and document every business event on your social media can be strong, especially in our fast-paced world where prominent brands and influencers seem to have a constant stream of updates. However, there’s no need to feel compelled to update your profile daily. In the realm of social media, as in all forms of communication, quality surpasses quantity. It’s more advantageous to share one meaningful post per week that genuinely benefits your audience than to inundate their feeds with shallow content.

  1. Pick Your Social Media Platforms Wisely 

All businesses aren’t required to maintain a presence on all social media platforms, and that can be quite comforting news! Given the multitude of choices available for engaging with your audience, determining how to allocate your limited resources can indeed be challenging. Our suggestion is to focus on managing one to three social media accounts, if feasible. The most prominent social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  1. Respond to Your Users 

One of the crucial aspects of social media, often underestimated, especially among small businesses, is the capacity to engage directly with your audience. Taking the time to respond to feedback is a valuable way to develop a connection with your followers, showcasing your company as a trustworthy entity that values its customers. The more proactive you are in addressing comments on your content, the higher priority your posts receive from social algorithms.

  1. Know Who Engages with Your Content 

Not all customers frequent your social media, and not all social media followers become customers. To craft content that resonates, ask two vital questions: who currently engages most with your content and who do you want to engage the most? If your current social media following consists mainly of employees, family, and friends, prioritize company updates and staff features to make your audience feel connected to your business’s daily activities.

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